Wedding planner

Deciding to get married abroad, you should be ready to trust your wedding in the hands of the wedding planner. In Prague you will definitely need someone to take care of all the formalities. Our first advice is to pay close attention to the list of wedding agency’s services. A respectable agency should offer the package including the legal requirements foreigners’ wedding involves. Such as document translations, interpreter (Czech to English) for the wedding day and a marriage certificate in your native language.

Apart from that, the full wedding package normally includes the wedding venue, organisation of the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception afterwards. Prague wedding agencies usually have a list of partners starting from make-up artists and musicians up to wedding videographers and photographers.

Trustworthy wedding agencies will offer an individual approach. Which means you will not find an exact price of their services on the website, only an estimation. Usually, they will charge a certain percentage of the total wedding budget. Good idea is to check out other couples’ references on different Prague wedding planners. The most professional wedding agencies have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients. Not only check reviews on the wedding planner’s website. Make sure to have a look at other independent sources too.

Wedding planner will suggest the best location for your wedding ceremony. Wedding in Pruhonice park.

Wedding planner will suggest the best location for your wedding ceremony. Wedding in Pruhonice park. Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova.

Wedding venue

Your wedding planner will essentially provide a list of most popular wedding venues in Prague. But who said you can’t do your own research?! You’d better be prepared. While you’ve chosen Prague as your wedding destination, you shouldn’t really limit yourself to wedding venues in Prague. Czech Republic is literally stuffed with beautiful medieval castles providing a perfect location for your Czech wedding. For your inspiration we created a short list of the best wedding venues Czech Republic has to offer.

  • Vrtba garden

    The most precious baroque garden in Prague and one of our favourite wedding venues. View from the very top point is truly magical. So it’s definitely worth climbing all the way up 🙂 Thanks to the central location of the garden Prague’s Old Town and Mala Strana districts will be within walking distance. So you can get some nice atmospheric shots in the streets. Please note that Vrtba garden is an outdoor venue, mostly suitable for warm weather.          

  • Troja palace

    Another baroque masterpiece located in Prague. Troja palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens which make it a desired wedding location. If you dream of a wedding in a castle but don’t want to take a long ride out of the city, Troja palace should be your choice. Nevertheless, it still takes about 25 min to get to Troja from the centre of Prague.

  • Old Town Hall

    An impressive gothic structure in the middle of the Old Town Square right next to the Astronomical clock. Old Town Hall is perfect for civil weddings. The Hall can actually accommodate up to one hundred guests. In case you decide to invite that many for your wedding 🙂 After the wedding ceremony be prepared to fight for a spot under the clock with the tourist crowd.

  • Pruhonice park

    Beautiful and green location situated in the outskirts of Prague. It might take around half an hour to get to Pruhonice park with no heavy traffic. This location is a bit remote, however, a great choice if you desire a natural background for your wedding video.

  • Hluboka nad Vltavou

    This is a dream wedding venue for any couple who would prefer to have a wedding in the castle. Hluboka nad Vltavou castle looks like it came straight out of the fairytale. Such a beautiful location has only one downside. It’s too far away from Prague. Keep in mind it takes 2,5 hours to get to Hluboka. So for a return journey it means a total of minimum 5 hours. If you wish to book this venue, you’d better stay somewhere close not to be tired of travelling on the wedding day.

  • Dobris

    Dobris chateau is a beautiful rococo structure and a popular wedding venue at the same time. Many Czech celebrities have chosen chateau Dobris as a place of their wedding ceremony. Due to its convenient location not far away from Prague you will easily reach the chateau by car. Picturesque chateau is surrounded by well-maintained premises including a park.

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