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Welcome to otash-uz videography.

My name is Otabek and I'm a wedding videographer in Prague. Everything started 10 years ago, when I shot my first wedding in Prague. I loved that couple's emotions. They were so real I just needed to catch all the moments.

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Wedding videographer in Prague

Years of Experience

During the past 10 years, except weddings I shot many projects like commercials, music videos and even a short film where I was the main cinematographer selected to the shortlist for the Oscars (how cool is that, huh? :)).


Beautiful moments

Even after these projects and working with many actors, I realised that couples in their wedding shots show so much real love and respect for each other. They don't fake it like actors, and I love catching these beautiful moments.


Wedding videography in Prague

So, if you need a cinematic wedding video in Prague full of real emotions, then you found the right wedding videographers.


We are storytellers

We love telling stories and we do it professionally. Our main videographer Otabek graduated New York Film Academy in NYC. His different videos gained over 50 million views on social media.


Award winning videographers

We create cinematic wedding videos in Prague full of real emotions. Our wedding videos were selected as the best wedding video in Europe by the EEVA. We gained 5 stars on Google and Facebook Reviews.


Commercial and Promo videos

We shoot not only weddings, but also commercials, events, music videos and movies. We have worked with many big brands like Microsoft, Nestle, Prague City Hall. The short film where Otabek was cinematographer was selected to the shortlist for the OSCARS.


More testimonals on Google and Facebook Reviews.

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Even though we're wedding videographers based in Prague, we shoot weddings all around the Czech Republic and Europe including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

We have many packages. If you order the 6-hour package over the 4-hour package you pay less money per hour. The same with our 8-hour package.
If you have a wedding ceremony and want to have some video shot around the center of Prague, then take a 4- or 6-hour package. It will be enough time to capture you in the most popular locations in the city.
To cover bride’s preparation, wedding ceremony, photo/video shooting and some part of the reception, then take the 6- or 8-hour package with optional additional hours.
To cover your whole wedding day and not worry about the hours, then the VIP package is for you.

I think it depends on how big your wedding is. If you have a small intimate wedding in Prague, then check out Vrtba garden. If your wedding is around 50-100, check out Chateau Mcely or St. Wenceslas’ Vineyard at the Prague Castle. Also, I would suggest checking out the video we shot, where we talk about the best wedding venues in Prague for 2020 and read our blog post about it.

We only shoot videos, but we have recommendations for a wedding photographer in Prague. So, if you're interested, contact us and we will send you our recommendations.

Sure. The last couple of years many of our couples arrive in Prague to have a pre-wedding photo and video shoot in Prague, so they can show results in their real wedding back home. We have a dedicated team with photographer, videographer and makeup/hairstylist for your shooting in the Czech Republic. Just contact us.

We do have a wedding makeup and hairstylist in our team. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Shooting with the drones got complicated in the last few years. If you're having your wedding in Chateau or a closed location, shooting with the drone won't be a problem. To have a drone shot in the center of Prague or any European city, it can be complicated. It's prohibited shooting in the center of the city and the fine can be up to 40 000 EUR. So, it's risky, but don't worry, we have a solution for this. Just contact us and we will give you different options.

We always deliver reportage videos with our 4,6,8-hour packages, if our couples are having a wedding ceremony and/or reception. It's more kind of a documentary video edited from 2-3 cameras with the sound. It's great if you just want to remember that day, so you can watch the whole ceremony with the sound. Our VIP package includes a wedding film, which is a more complex video and editing this video takes a long time. It's more like a movie with live sound, music and color grading. I would say it’s like an extended version of your short 4-minute wedding highlights video.

We do have discounts sometimes. It depends on the date of your wedding, if it's on weekends or on weekdays. Also, if you're looking for a videographer at the last minute, then we also can give you a good discount. If you have an interesting wedding or a great idea for your pre-wedding, we also can give great discounts if we get interested. So please contact us with any questions.

If you're planning to have a wedding at castles in the Czech Republic, then transportation costs may apply to the wedding package price. If you provide transportation, then the price is 0.8 EUR per km. If we get to the locations by ourselves, then the price is 1.2 EUR per km. Always count from Prague to the wedding location and back to Prague. If you have a wedding in another country of Europe, then contact us and we will provide a custom offer.

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Wedding in Chateau Mcely, Wedding cameraman in Prague

Wedding package

This is the option if you want to get as much as possible of the whole day shooting. All you have to do is enjoy yourselves for the whole wedding day, and we will everything else for you – so you will have your memorable day captured. The shooting goes on for the whole day. Also included the whole video content (we’ll upload all RAW footage to google drive. Normal price is €160). The price is for the locations up to 50 km from Prague.

The whole day

Shooting hours

Wedding highlights video - 4 min

Wedding Clip

Wedding film - up to 40 minutes

Beautiful edited cinematic film

2 videographers and 3 cameras + drone



Contact us

Would you like a custom offer for your wedding? Maybe you have a question regarding wedding videography in Prague? Then contact us. We are very responsive and reply to you within hours.

We all know how important your information is. They are always safe with us.