Prague Pre Wedding Shoot | Important tips

Nowadays, Prague pre wedding shooting is very popular. Why Because Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A total of 10.6 million foreign tourists visited the Czech Republic over the course of 2018, according to official stats released by the Czech Statistical Office. That’s a lot of people!

Having beautiful pre wedding video and photo shooting in Prague can wow your guests when you show them your video clip or slideshow of your photos at your actual wedding back home, too. For that reason, many people like to come to Prague.

Prague pre wedding
Still from our Prague pre-wedding video

As a pre wedding videographer in Prague, I get asked many questions from couples about planning a shooting in Prague. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. How to choose the right pre-wedding shoot package?
  2. Where can I change the dresses during the shooting?
  3. What time period during the day is the best for video and photo shooting in Prague?
  4. Will we need transportation during the shooting?
  5. Is it possible or worth to have symbolic ceremony in a beautiful church in Prague?
  6. Should I bring my photographer or videographer to Prague with me or find local one?

So, let’s jump in and answer to these questions – maybe even more!

1. How to choose the right pre wedding shoot package?

It depends on many factors. The main one is how many locations in Prague you would like to have in your photos or video. Some want many, others want few.

Do you want just walk around the center of Prague? Or are you willing to drive to other locations, which more further from the center of the city?

If you want to cover most beautiful popular spots, then 4-6 hours package more than enough.

Also, when you’re planning to change outfit 3-4 times during the photo and video shooting, then I would suggest take 6-8 hours package.

Our Prague pre wedding video

2. Where can I change dresses during the Prague pre wedding shooting?

This question is one of the most asked queries I receive. If you’re planning to change your outfit 2-3 times during a video and photo shooting, you have a couple options where to do that:

Changing in your hotel

This is most comfortable option, but also the most time consuming one. When you drive or walk back to hotel to change and after that going back to a shooting location can take a while.

So, this option is good to choose when you have whole day shooting package or your shooting takes place nearby the hotel.

Also, it can be good option when you have a divided shooting, let’s say 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. This gives you break between the shooting and means you can take a rest and change your outfit.

Changing in cafes like Starbucks, Coffee shop, McDonalds etc

This is a good option, but not the most comfortable one. Normally we do shooting early in the morning. At this time of the day normally coffee shops are open and not crowded.

When you buy something from them, they can let you change the dress in their place. It’s fast and you don’t have to walk back to your hotel.

Changing in WC

This is last option and not comfortable one.

You can find WC’s everywhere, it means you can change your outfit almost everywhere, making this the most efficient and less time consuming option. I would suggest this option as the last one, because of it’s not comfortable at all))

Beautiful Hong Kong couple’s pre-wedding video in Prague

3. What time period during the day is the best for video and photo shooting in Prague?

Let’s be honest here. If you want to get most beautiful photos or video from your Prague pre wedding shooting, then I would suggest you do it early in the morning.

There are many advantages to do that. Prague is beautiful in a sunrise; the light is great in this time period as well.

There won’t be any harsh shadows on your faces, nor will there be too much sunlight. Also, a big plus here is there will be almost no one in the center.

So, you can take beautiful pictures or video with no one in the background. One more thing, as I mentioned before, coffee shops will be empty in this time of the day, so you can easily change your outfit or change your style.   

Wedding videography in Prague
otash-uz wedding videography in Prague

4. Will we need transportation during the shooting?

It depends where you’re planning your shooting. If your hotel in the center and you’re planning the shooting in the center as we talked before, then walking is a good option.

Maybe you need a car, for example if you want to go to Prague Castle, because you need walk uphill to get there. It can be hard to do that, when you have a big dress or uncomfortable shoes.

In this case, you can always take a taxi, or take the tram. I like the last option, not because it’s cheaper, but I like to shoot couples in the tram.

It gives me great creative shots, which I can use in my final video. It’s also a more enjoyable, scenic route.

5. Is it possible or worth to have symbolic ceremony in a beautiful church in Prague?

I shoot many Asian pre wedding videos in Prague, and 30% of them have a symbolic ceremony in a church.

You can ask me is it worth to do that? I would say yes.

It’s not about only having a ceremony (which is great), but also you get exclusive access to these beautiful churches. So, there won’t be any crowded tourists, but just you.

Now, you can take beautiful pictures and video after your symbolic ceremony. It’s worth the effort to arrange this, I believe.

Just check for example the Church of St. Nicholas’ in Old Town Square – it’s really quite gorgeous inside.

6. Should I bring my photographer or videographer to Prague with me or find local one?

I think this is most important decision to make for you. I understand that having a photographer or videographer who speaks in your native language can be convenient and easy going.

But, if you’re reading this article, you do understand English (at least a little) so you can easily parlay with your photographer.

In this case I would suggest take a local photographer or videographer in Prague.

Our Prague pre wedding video

I’m saying that not because it’s good for us, but it’s good for you. Let me explain why locals are better:

  • You don’t have to pay travel/living costs for imported photographer or videographers.
  • Locals know the city better. They know great locations & hidden spots to shoot, so you get most beautiful results.
  • They know when and where to shoot. Locals know when Old town or Prague Castle will be less crowded, for example, as well as the best hours for sunlight to get the best shooting experience.
  • Local photographers or videographers know places where you can change your outfit, too. They also speak Czech, so they can help you arrange everything like to talk to an owner of the coffee shop, so they let you in to change outfit, get transportation if needed and many other things.

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From my experience, I had many clients from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and various other parts of Asia.

In all of those experiences, we’ve never had difficulties understanding each other. As a proof of that, you can read our awesome client’s reviews on Facebook and Google!

For a limited time, my Prague pre wedding video shooting starts from only 495 Euro (the standard price is 650 Euro) for 3 hours, and 890 Euro for 6 hours. Check out more about my packages here.

Also if you order 6 hours package, you can get extra from me exclusive beautiful 1 min live photos for €75. Want to see the quality of our live photos? Check out the video below!

Exclusive Prague pre-wedding live photos

We also work as a team. In our team, we have a photographer, a videographer and a makeup/hair stylist. So, if you have any questions regarding video, photo, makeup artistry, or other questions about pre wedding shooting, don’t hesitate contact me.

I will be more than happy to answer to your questions and do my best so you will have great time in Prague. My contacts are below. Looking forward to hearing from you, and helping you get the perfect Prague pre wedding photography session!

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