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Top 5 Tips for a wedding in Prague

by Otabek Djuraev • 17.04.2019

When planning a wedding in Prague, there’s so much to consider. There’s no shortage of advice anywhere. Everyone has advice for you. Things that they wish they’d done during their planning. So here are top 5 tips for planning a wedding in Czech Republic by me as local wedding videographer in Prague. 1. Hire a […]

Alibric-photographer in Prague

7 tips for finding the ideal wedding photographer in Prague by local videographer

by Otabek Djuraev • 28.03.2019

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to visit and especially to get married in. If you already planning have a wedding or pre wedding in Czech Republic, and you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Prague, then you are in the right place. I’ve done a lot of weddings last 10 […]

Wedding videography in Prague

7 Best Wedding Venues in Prague by Videographer for 2019

by Otabek Djuraev • 06.12.2018

Wedding in Prague Are you looking to have your wedding in Prague? Prague is a popular wedding destination for couples throughout the year. This land of so many breathtaking landscapes offers the perfect backdrop for your big day. With a thousand years of history and a gorgeous array of architectural styles, this vibrant city brims […]