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Israeli wedding in Prague

by Otabek Djuraev • 10.05.2018

Couples from different countries choose a unique location for their wedding, which will make photos and wedding video look stunning. That is why Israeli wedding in Prague  is so popular. The reason is that not all citizens of this state can get married on its territory. Others just dream of a wedding video  in a […]

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Top 5 Tips for a wedding in Prague – Part 2

by Anna Fed • 22.12.2016

Make sure you read Part 1 first – Ultimate guide to planning a wedding in Prague. Set the date Deciding on the wedding date is another big thing. The best time for the wedding in Prague will be spring or summer. Although, Prague offers a beautiful background for wedding videos in every season. In autumn, […]

planning a wedding in prague. wedding planner.

Top 5 Tips for a wedding in Prague

by Anna Fed • 22.12.2016

Wedding planner Deciding to get married abroad, you should be ready to trust your wedding in the hands of the wedding planner. In Prague you will definitely need someone to take care of all the formalities. Our first advice is to pay close attention to the list of wedding agency’s services. A respectable agency should […]

American wedding in Prague

5 Reasons for a Wedding in Prague

by Anna Fed • 16.12.2016

Whether you come from the US, China or Israel, in the end it doesn’t really matter which part of this small world you call home. One thing all of you surely have in common. The man of the house has recently popped a question and the pre-wedding madness has officially started. At this time, both […]