Wedding in Prague

Are you looking to have your wedding in Prague? Prague is a popular wedding destination for couples throughout the year. This land of so many breathtaking landscapes offers the perfect backdrop for your big day. With a thousand years of history and a gorgeous array of architectural styles, this vibrant city brims with beauty and numerous castles, churches, monuments, and vistas for the perfect wedding ceremonies.

Still, choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when planning a wedding in Prague. A wedding venue sets the tone and vibe for the rest of the day. Whether you are using a wedding planner in Prague or doing it yourself, it is crucial that you pick a venue that reflects your spirit and warms your heart.

Fortunately, I have you covered

With over seven years of experience as a videographer in Prague, I have been fortunate enough to grace over a hundred weddings from people across the world. That said, I have also gotten the rare chance to experience some of the best wedding venues in this region. It is for this reason that I have created this article with some of the best wedding destinations in Prague to help ease your search.

Top 7 Wedding Venues in Prague

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Zofin palace:

The Slavonic Island Restaurant

This is by far one of the most elegant wedding venues in Prague. This restaurant is housed in a neo-renaissance building that was built in 1886 and restored between 1992 and 1994. Located in the heart of Prague, but still secluded, this restaurant has become a popular wedding venue thanks to its beauty, jet-set allure and sun-kissed terrace that overlooks the glittering Vitava river. The restaurant is uniquely set on the quiet Slavonic Island, which is also home to the historical garden pavilion and the beautiful Zofin Palace.

Zofin palace

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The Slavonic Island Restaurant comes with the appealing view of the Vitava river, which makes for the perfect backdrop for your outdoor wedding. The restaurant is also attached to the fantastic Zofin Palace, you can partly use for your special day. With a maximum capacity of up to 800 guests, this restaurant provides the ideal setup to express and profess your love and commitment in front of your family and friends.

The Lobkowicz Palace: Prague Castle

Lobkowicz palace in Prague

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The Lobkowicz Palace is the only privately owned building in Prague Castle. This Baroque palace offers exclusive access to a wide variety of wedding possibilities in any of its many halls and ballroom. Its elegant banquet along with their private catering provides a rich and distinctive wedding setting. Your guest will get to dine and dance hemmed in by frescoed walls and grand chandeliers. This venue promises a fairytale setting for your big day.

Lobkowicz palace for weddings

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Hosting your wedding in a fully furnished medieval castle will make your special day truly spectacular, while still maintaining the intimacy of sharing the experience with a loved one. They will also get a chance to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city, which will enhance the unique cultural experiences housed within. This spectacular wedding venue with magnificent interiors and amazing views of the city is sure to add an excellent feel to your special day and a truly unforgettable experience. This wedding venue can host up to 180 guests.

Villa Richter Restaurant Near Prague Castle

Villa Richter in Prague

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Villa Richter Restaurant is Prague’s little gem nestled in the vineyards of the Prague Castle. This neoclassical restaurant is synonymous with beauty: romantic vineyard, frescoed villa, an atmosphere filled with tradition and history, delicious food and fine wine, only waiting to be discovered by you. Villa Restaurant offers one of the most romantic locations to hold a wedding with its sophisticated interior design and breathtaking views of the Lesser Town, and villa Belvedere. Couples have the option to choose between having their wedding in the vineyards or at the restaurant.

Villa Richter Restaurant in Prague

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Other than its charm, this restaurant will also provide you and your exquisite guest cuisine and fine wine for the reception. So you can rest assured that you will receive outstanding cuisine, unsurpassed service, and elegance in the unique setting for the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are looking for luxury, bohemian style or elegant but modest ceremony, Villa Restaurant will satisfy your desires. The Villa Richter restaurant can host up to 100 guests.

Prague’s Hidden Gem

Prague's Hidden Gem

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There is no doubt that Prague is home to some of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic. It is highly likely that this is one of the reasons you decided to host your wedding here. Still, there are restaurants in Prague, and then there is Prague’s Hidden Gem. Opened in 1901, Prague’s Hidden Gem is an award-winning restaurant in Prague and a world-class wedding venue that offers exclusivity, extravagance, and excitement for your big day. The stunning views of Prague offer the perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Prague's Hidden Gem

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This restaurant is located under the Prague castle and just a few minutes’ walks from the magnificent Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church, the palace garden and Lesser Town Square which all provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding photo shoot and videography. It boasts of a retouched interior that showcases a blended style of modern design with some elements of the Renaissance era. I highly recommend this Restaurant to those couples looking to have a small intimate wedding.

Zlatá Praha Restaurant

Zlata Praha Restaurant in Prague

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If you are looking for an elaborate affair devoted to exquisite perfection, then this restaurant is your ideal location. Located on the luxurious Parizska street, Zlatá Praha Restaurant Prague offers some of the most beautiful views of Prague. This restaurant is superbly nestled in the heart of historical Prague the Vltava River and a few minutes’ walks to the Old Town Square. Whether you want an intimate private wedding or a lavish affair, the Zlatá Praha Restaurant has it all.

Zlata Praha Restaurant

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Other than its strategic location and delicious intercontinental cuisine by the famed Chef Pavel Sapik, this restaurant also boasts of a beautiful terrace that provides the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. The terrace can accommodate up to 100 guests including a dance floor and stage for you and your guests to rock the night away.  Zlatá Praha Restaurant offers an all-inclusive approach to your wedding by taking care of the entire ceremony including reception and accommodation. Their team of talented wedding planners will be available every step of the way to provide inspiration and help you create your dream wedding.

Mandarin Oriental Prague hotel

Mandarin Oriental Prague hotel wedding

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The Mandarin Oriental Prague hotel is a five-star hotel and a wonderfully preserved piece of history housed within the former 14th-century monastery. This hotel is designed to perfectly blend contemporary flair with period features, creating a luxury escape within the city. This hotel is a superb venue for all types of weddings ranging from intimate affairs to grand parties. Mandarin Oriental Prague is discreetly tucked away in the charming cobblestoned Mala Strana district that offers visitors elegant serenity across several historic buildings. It is near Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, and the Prague Castle.

This hotel has a reputation for its intricately designed architecture that spans the Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic eras weave its romance. This remarkable setting combined with their excellent service will guarantee a wedding ceremony that surpasses your highest expectations. It also boasts of an experienced team of staff that can organize a wedding of up to 120 seated guests. After the wedding, you and your guest will be treated to a romantic dinner in the restaurant or a stylish wedding after party at one of their ballrooms.

Grand Hotel Bohemia

Grand Hotel Bohemia in Prague

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Located in the very heart of the Old Town, Grand Hotel Bohemian is a 5-star luxury hotel housed in a 1920s historical building. The magic and atmosphere of this hotel capture the beauty of Prague under one roof. Overlooking the Old City, Grand Hotel Bohemia offers an unforgettable and picturesque setting for you and your guests to enjoy. It’s neo-Baroque architecture-styled Boccaccio ballroom offers a classic luxury wedding venue and has hosted many of Prague’s lavish events. During the early periods of the first Czechoslovak Republic, this hall served as a luxury cabaret for Prague’s cream society.

Grand Bohemia hotel Ballroom

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Today, this hotel is a real gem among other wedding venues in Prague. The Grand Hotel Bohemia can host up to 120 guests. Other than the Boccaccio ballroom, this hotel offers other venue options for your wedding, including the terrace which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Old Town, and the Franz Josef Restaurant which is suitable for smaller weddings of up to 20 people.

Other places you can host your wedding in the Czech Republic include Chateau Mcely, Chateau Ratmerice, Chateau Liblice, which is just outside Prague.

Prague, without a doubt, has it all: river islands, rolling hills, vineyards, and castles. With all these romantic locations that are perfectly crafted for the perfect wedding ceremony, Prague is the ultimate wedding destination. If you have been looking for a top wedding venue in Prague, these locations are available to you. These seven glamorous wedding venues unfold true luxury where centuries-old architecture provides the backdrop for stellar wedding ceremonies. The choice is yours to make.  Also recommend to read article about video productions in Prague for your event in Czech Republic.