One sunny afternoon in July Otash-uz production team travelled to Tuscany. The area situated in the very heart of Italy with the most legendary landscapes. In fact, we can say that for sure as we got a chance to witness them with our own eyes. Michellangelo Buanarotti and Leonardo da Vinci were both born in Tuscany, where they also found a source of inspiration for their great artwork.

Naturally, we had a very special reason to come back to Italy. Beautiful couple Evgeniy and Marina were about to say I do in Tuscany. The wedding was organized by Happywedding agency, which we’re always happy to work with. Instead of using one of the Italian videographers, couple decided to choose Otash-uz production to make their wedding video in Italy. And we couldn’t have been happier about that choice 🙂

Wedding video in Italy

Marina and Evgeniy have visited Tuscany before. They were so deeply charmed during their visit, that they picked this Italian gem as their wedding location. And now it was our turn to fall in love with Tuscany, probably one of the most picturesque places for a wedding video in Italy. In Tuscany we couldn’t get rid of the impression, that the time has stopped here. It was so incredibly peaceful, unlike other busy parts of Italy.

Evgeniy and Marina admit, that choosing to get married in Italy was one of their best decisions. Bride and groom stayed at an antique residence, where all the wedding preparations took place. For the wedding ceremony itself they picked an outdoor venue, where all the guests, musicians and local authorities were comfortably accommodated. Newlyweds’ will always remember their first dance witnessed by warm Italian sun. A ride in a red retro convertible alongside the fruit gardens. A glass of red Italian wine shared with a loved one.

Wedding movie from Tuscany

Wedding movie from Tuscany gives such a warm feeling not only because it was filmed under friendly Italian sun. It’s filled up with sincere emotions, with love and tenderness, which together make the wedding video truly special. For all the shots from the air we used a drone with a camera to capture stunning landscapes surrounding us. The wedding day is long gone, but thanks to our videographers’ team effort the memory about it will stay in Marina and Evgeniy’s family for years. Thank you for such a great opportunity to share precious moments with you. Hope to see you in Prague one day!