Which genre does the wedding movie of Katya and Artem belong to? We would definitely call it a thriller! It’s been a wonderful summer day. Sun was shining, birds were singing. And, as they say, there was not even a sign of trouble. The couple was enjoying the leisurely peaceful afternoon and, of course, each others company. Wedding in Prague was their number one choice thanks to the incredible peaceful vibes in the heart of the Old town. Yep, despite the heaps of tourists around :).

When the unpredictable happens

We shot both the wedding ceremony and the walk around Prague in one go. Every videographer can only dream of such perfect shooting conditions: bubbly newlyweds and wonderful weather. However, at the end of the shooting day in Prague castle the sun hid behind the clouds. The sky got darker and darker every minute. It was a definite sign we were done for today. So we packed all the equipment and headed to the car which was only 20-30 m away.

But sometimes even 20 m make a big difference. Especially, when the nature decides to pull a joke on you. One second later we were under a massive downpour, feeling lost and confused (and very wet). The faces of the newlyweds expressed so many emotions at a time, that the moment couldn’t have been missed! We got cameras out and captured the way of Artem and Katya to the car.

We make best wedding videos, rain or shine

If it was up to us, we would give Katya and Artem an award for not losing their face in front of the natural disaster. Under pouring rain and striking wind they kept calm and cool. Our head videographer Otabek Djuraev had to run backwards to shoot the newlyweds retreat to shelter. As Otabek said later, the visibility was zero and he could not properly see what he was shooting. However, the master’s hand did not tremble, and the footage we got as a result blows the imagination. Yep, not every day you get to shoot a wedding in the middle of the natural disaster.

Special thanks needs to be paid to our technical equipment – all cameras and other equipment we use for shooting got terribly wet. However, they passed the test of the nature getting out of control. The memory of such an extreme wedding in Prague will remain with us, thanks to Artem and Katya for a video souvenir! We wish you guys bright blue cloudless sky over your heads.