Wedding preparations began for Stas and Katya with a google search for best videographer in Prague. The couple was determined to have the most creative wedding video in the history of wedding videography. And needless to say, best wedding films are shot by best videographers 🙂 Fortunately, search results brought Stas and Katya to our website. Further discussions of their wedding video idea revealed the obvious. The couple didn’t want anything like an ordinary wedding film. Ok, challenge accepted! We got down to work, brainstorming creative video ideas. This is how the music video idea was born.

Our newlyweds were not only creative, they were also very well disciplined. Katya and Stas have chosen a song for their wedding movie, they printed out the lyrics and gave it to all wedding guests. Their wedding guests, by the way, were a total blessing – ready to experiment and down to anything.

Wedding music video

On the wedding day our happy crowd arrived to chateau Mcely. The wedding planner arranged everything – from the preparations of bride and groom to wedding ceremony followed by a reception – to take place inside the chateau. Which really simplified our mission to film as many people singing as possible for the ultimate wedding video result. While Stas and Katya were getting ready, we could film their guests singing the lyrics out loud. By the way, the technology we used while editing the video is called lipsync. It allows the original song to be synchronised with the lips movements of the singers.

Positive vibes in the air were so strong that even Katya’s grandma volunteered to sing a few lines in front of our camera. Later on, even the chateau’s staff asked for a permission to sing a chorus! In the end our film crew had so many singers, that we could barely film everyone. That day we also used our drone with a camera to capture spectacular views of chateau Mcely and its surroundings from the air.

Best videographer in Prague wins an award

No surprise that Stas and Katya’s video turned out to be so energetic and extremely positive. The final result has exceeded all hopes and expectations. The newlyweds and their families were incredibly pleased. In the end of the year, it was our turn to be delighted. Stas and Katya’s video won the Best Creative wedding video of the year award according to the European Association of Videographers (EEVA)!