How a perfect day looks like? Imagine you’ve just woken up to the first gentle rays of the morning sun. You slowly open your eyes and the first thing you see is the face of your loved one. What a wonderful start of the day! Soaking up the sun together, enjoying its gentle embrace. Taking a leisure walk along the beach as you have no need to hurry anywhere. The whole world can wait while you’re enjoying each other’s company.

Love story video in Italy

Jana and Rodion decided to make their dream come true and arranged a romantic date in Italian city of Pisa. The name of the city definitely evoques the world famous tower of Pisa, right?! Yes, you can even see a fragment of the famous tower in the love story video. Preparing for the getaway in Pisa, Rodion and Jana rented a fast Italian car, got a picnic basket full of fruits and Italian wine from the local market. Most importantly, they’ve booked Otash-uz production’s best wedding videographer Otabek Djuraev to capture their unique date on camera.

Day in Pisa

Our experienced videographer didn’t miss a single moment of their Italian adventure. Walking along the river side holding hands, stealing kisses tasting of wine, sharing a cup of aromatic Italian coffeee. Italian-style mosaique of precious moments put together into a pre-wedding movie. It’s been a great pleasure to spend a day in Pisa with Jana and Rodion. All we had to do was capture every loving look, touch or hug. Needless to say, that Italian summer day was full of these sweet moments.

Tears of joy

Rodion and Jana saw their Italian pre-wedding movie for the first time a few months later. Love story in Pisa premiered on a big screen on the day of their wedding ceremony. The result of Otabek Djuraev’s work was shown to all the wedding guests including the newlyweds. Jana, who spared some tears of joy over the love story video, got completely overwhelmed with emotions. Otash-uz production crew executed newlyweds’ idea of a video memory about the special day in the best possible way. We can only wish Jana and Rodion happy married life for years on end. We’d be delighted to make another love story video for you, but this time in Prague!