Each wedding in Prague is special for us. Moreover like every videographer in Prague we love the city we live in. By the same token, Prague loves us back with all its passion. We were extremely pleased to hear that Evgeniy & Elena picked Prague as the destination for their wedding ceremony. And we couldn’t have been more excited to learn that it will take place at Vrtba garden. Famous barocco style garden is not that easy to find in the maze of narrow streets of Mala strana. Wedding video of Elena and Evgeniy is full of amazing views from its many picturesque view points.

Otabek Djuraev likes to improvise

In our wedding videos we love to experiment. Naturally, this time was no exception. Our team of videographers decided to improvise. We got two mics out and interviewed the bride and the groom. The interviews, however, took part in 2 separate rooms, hence Elena and Evgeniy had no idea what the other one has to say. What happened next completely caught us by surprise. Seems like the couple needed no preparation, they started speaking about each other with such tenderness, there was so much love in their words, the whole filming crew was deeply touched. The wedding song Evgeniy and Elena picked for their video says it in the best way: When I’m with you I know who I am and who I wanna be.

Newlyweds’ first dance and the party

The bride and the groom also confessed they’ve been practising a special first dance, which was choreographed specifically to entertain all the wedding guests after the ceremony. A few dance moves they performed for our eyes only during the filming around Prague’s sights. You can’t really beat the image of a beautiful couple dancing skillfully in front of the best Prague views. Evgeniy and Elena got to enjoy Prague from the most incredible viewpoints: Hanavsky pavilion, royal garden at Prague Castle and of course the view point at Vrtba garden.

The Vrtba garden wedding day was made so special with the support of our friends and colleagues. Wedding agency Crystal Wedding, wedding photographer Evgeniya Ovsyannikova and the host Konstantin Novikov. Konstantin was in charge of the wedding dinner and the party afterwards, his witty jokes and kind words accompanied speeches of newlyweds’ parents and friends. The whole Otash-uz production film crew including Otabek Djuraev was delighted to be part of this big celebration. Our deepest thank you to Evgeniy and Elena for letting us share the special moments with you.