Wedding is the happiest moment in the history of any loving couple. All the preparations taken to make this day truly unforgettable. A beautiful wedding ceremony organized by a wedding planner with both your families present followed by a big party. Wedding photographer and videographer capturing every special moment of your love celebration. Why limit yourself to one special day only when you can have all the fun before the actual wedding? This is what pre-wedding movies are made for!

Chinese weddings in Europe

If you want to be part of a medieval fairytale come to celebrate your love in the heart of Europe. Prague, a magnificent capital of the Czech Republic, has long ago opened its arms for Asian couples. This city is a perfect location for any wedding, asian and chinese weddings are no exception. There is no better background for a Hong Kong pre-wedding video than Prague’s red roofs or cobble-stone streets. Not even to mention all the incredible sights Prague has to offer!

Just imagine, walking hand in hand across Charles bridge early in the morning when the sun has just woken up. Kissing under the Astronomical clock. Gently hugging each other while enjoying the great view from the Prague castle. Your dream can easily come true, all you need is to book a flight to Prague! And do not forget to pack some cute/casual/fancy/crazy (you name it) outfits for yourself and your partner.

Video from the best wedding videographer

If you’re a Chinese couple looking for the best wedding videographer, look no more! Otash-uz production team will create a beautiful pre-wedding video you’ll be proud to show your guests on the wedding day. Not to mention, you will always have this great memory. Memory of spending a magnificent day walking around Prague with Otabek Djuraev and his friendly crew. As a true professional, Otabek Djuraev will guide you through the process so that it goes as smooth as possible and you feel like a real movie star. Let’s create a cinematically amazing lovestory together!